Save Time And Money With Ocean Freight Shipping

As important as planes and trains are to the domestic shipping industry, when it comes to sending things overseas, ocean freight shipping is easily the most affordable option. Why is this? It really is quite simple. Cargo ships can carry hundreds of times more weight than cargo planes and freight trains obviously can't travel over water. If you've ever seen a fully-loaded cargo ship out on the open water, it truly is something to behold. They can transport hundreds of intermodal containers, the trailers professional truckers' pickup and deliver. These huge, heavy containers are then stacked in neat rows, a technique that is known as containerization.

By packing more onto these ships and making one trip instead of three or four, containerization has increased efficiency and cut shipping times by more than 80 percent over earlier bulk shipping methods. It is no wonder then that ocean freight shipping remains the most popular international shipping method around the globe. Why is it better? As we mentioned, cargo ships carry more weight than planes. In fact, weight is seldom an issue! Most ocean freight shipping companies charge by the container, not by the pound. In other words, the price would be the same whether you shipped a container filled with feathers or one packed with bricks. We cannot, of course, say the same about cargo planes. After all, they have to get off the ground! As a result, customers are charged for every ounce and pound. This simple fact means that ocean freight shipping will always be more attractive to companies that must send heavy items in a reasonable period of time, i.e., the buyer doesn't need it in a day or two. And because planning and ordering in advance is how every successful company stays in the black, they tend to place orders ahead of schedule, not as they need them. Therefore, they can afford to wait a few weeks if it means saving beaucoup bucks.

Ocean shipping company services Any business that consistently ships bulk orders, especially when they send them overseas, should consider ocean freight shipping. A shipper that offers superior customer service and modern logistical systems can help your company save money by improving overall efficiency. But before you hire a shipping provider, make certain they offer the following services: cargo insurance, trade financing, freight forwarding, online tracking, bonded container and warehouse storage, professional customer service. All of the aforementioned services are absolutely essential for both domestic and international shipments, since delays of any kind can cost you valuable accounts and ruin your reputation in the process.