How Long Do Parcel Couriers Take To Answer A Phone Call?

The parcel courier has just come under scrutiny for the length of time that they take to answer a telephone call. Most people realise that the thing that always annoys the caller most is if they have to hang on to the call for a long time before the person at the other end actually answer the call. An examination of the results of a recent survey finds that certain industries take longer than others and, unfortunately, some of the worst offenders are in the parcel delivery service. Above Average The reported figures show that on average the people in the parcel transport business take an average of 33.48 seconds to answer the call. This is a long time when the caller is waiting to organise something and probably the worst factor is that it has been established that 90% of callers ring off before reaching 40 seconds in wait time.

The results are obvious and the facts are that many people ring off before establishing contact with the parcel courier. A good supplier will work very hard to reduce this waiting time for any phone caller so that they can book their parcel quickly and precisely and will meet the purchasing customer's normal requirement. One of the major criticisms of the telephone service is that as many as 34% of all callers listen to absolute silence while 26% listened to music and 24% listened to bleeps. The company who carried out the survey, the PH Media Group have developed a grading system to assess the quality of the whole system of dealing with customers from the time the first call is made to the time the call is ended so that all parts are taken into account, including time answering, quality of answer and swiftness of placing the order etcetera. The whole industry ended up with an average score 31 out of a possible 10 for the best possible service and this does not compare well with many other industries. Where Can Improvements Come From? This obviously means that the parcel industry needs to gets its act together and improve.

However some of the parcel couriers are better than others so it is worthwhile trying to find the best. They say that time is money and the improvement in service will bring superb benefits. It is not possible to answer every call immediately but the moment they reach the automated service there needs to be an informative and helpful, pre-recording to occupy the time. Long delays are totally unacceptable and when the call is answered by the agent the information must be accurate and concise. Remember the customer is always right or they will find an outlet who does believe in that principle.