Parcel Cover Isn’t Always A Pain

The transporting of parcels both big and small is difficult in terms of guaranteeing the state of the delivered item 100% of the time. A good worldwide carrier will generally be very good in the way in which they handle goods and a vast number of parcels passes through the system safely and securely but there will always be some damaged in normal handling. In a few cases where there is damage there is often a position where the parcels have been inadequately packed in the first place. The carriers are very good at trying to insist that the goods are packed correctly and not accepting goods that are obviously poorly packed but unless they are able to examine each parcel as it is packed it is impossible to ensure that every parcel is correctly packaged. Carriers invariably give good advisory note on the correct packaging system. The problem with incorrect packaging is that this causes a severe problem when it comes to claiming insurance on any package.

Normally any parcel delivered by a good worldwide carrier is insured to the value of 50. This is quite a small value but they will also offer an extended cover up to the value of 1,000 for an extra premium. In this case all the goods in the parcel will be required to be itemized and fully described along with their individual value. Insurance is so difficult for the parcels as the customer always assumes it must be rough handling and not packaging or the delicacy of the item shipped and the insurer always questions the packaging of the parcel. Some of the major points to stop any question-ability of the parcel damage is to pack the parcel according to the rules, that is to use bubble wrap to protect any item. This may be replaced by bubble sheets or polystyrene bits, foam and /or corner protectors but the packaging must be adequate.

The boxing should be double ply or preferably multiply corrugated cardboard. Thing like bits of sheet and old clothes are not adequate and insurance companies will refuse the claim. It should be noted that usually insurance companies will not insure glass or breakable pottery items as they are deemed to be breakable by shock movements that cannot be protected against. The major thing is to protect the goods to be parceled as well as possible using the right materials and there will be no problem in the claim system. Even take a picture of the parcels packaging if you want to be sure, it will certainly help any further discussion.